Winter Term Oral Presentations 3/14/08 and Written Reports 2/13/08

Next Friday 3/14/08, we will have the Winter Term oral presentations. Here are a few guidelines to help you organize your thoughts and material.

Time: 20 minutes + 5 minutes for Q&A.

Presentation Structure:

1. Title slide [all the usual stuff...names, title, course #, date, advisor(s) etc.]

2. Brief re-statement of the Problem your project is attempting to address [1-2 slides max]

3. Brief re-statement of the Approach you are taking to address the above problem [1-2 slides max]

4. Restatement of relevent Background information...scene setting, "big picture" type material. This could go also before #'s 2 and 3 if you wish.

5. Major emphasis on your Results and Accomplishments to date, including, where applicable, your Interpretation of what the results indicate...trends, feasibility of approaches being followed, validation [or otherwise] of hypotheses formulated.

- This is where you can present data...graphs, micrographs, results of syntheses, testing, measurements and analysis etc.

- Try to show that what you are doing is in accordance with sound scientific and engineering principles...e.g. designed experiments, statistical analysis of results, appreciation of sources of error in measurements etc.

6. Explicitly address the Ethical, Societal and Environmental aspects of your work...if there are none then just state that explicitly, this then demonstrates that you have at least given these some consideration and determined that they are not issues.

7. An updated list of Tasks and an updated Timeline [e.g. a Gannt chart]...i.e. what do you still need to do in order to complete your project. Any major problems can also be addressed here, together with your plans for addressing them...i.e. your "Plan B".

I strongly recommend that everyone work closely with their Advisor(s) and Mentor(s) in preparing everything, and that you practice your presentations with your Advisor, maybe during a group meeting, before next Friday.

I will circulate a new version of the Oral Presentation schedule shortly...the most recent version had the time slots as 15+5, whereas they need to be 20+5 minutes!

Written Reports are due to me, your Advisor(s) and other faculty grader by 5:00 pm on Thursday 3/13/08. These should be 10-20 pages in length, one and a half spaced. All figures should have proper captions below them, all tables should have proper headings above them. The text should include properly formatted and cited references, where appropriate.

Remember to SPELL CHECK both your written report and oral presentation...if necessary ask a colleague to proofread them for you.

As in the Fall term, we will arrange for Pizza etc. for lunch around Noon during the oral presentations.

Good luck...and if anyone has any questions please stop by and see me.


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